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08 december 2020

Building of minehunters for the Polish Navy

The Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. yard of the Remontowa Holding group, carrying out the programme of modernisation of the Polish armed forces, continues to build two more mine countermeasure vessels (MCMV) of the Kormoran II type.

The lead ship in the class, named ORP Kormoran, was launched in September 2015 and was commissioned into the Polish Navy in November 2017.

The minehunters are intended to combat naval mine threats in the Polish exclusive economic zone. They can also be deployed by the tactical task forces in the Baltic Sea and North Sea regions, as well as in other auxiliary tasks of the Polish Ministry of Defence.

The innovative minehunters, one of the most modern in NATO, are being built by a consortium with companies from the Polish Armament Group, OBR Centrum Techniki Morskiej and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, led by Remontowa Shipbuilding.

The ships are made of non-magnetic (austenitic) steel and are designed with great care to achieve low signature and high maneuverability, thanks to the use of cycloid propellers driven by diesel engines.

The ships are equipped with the latest systems and technologies, such as a combat management system, several remotely operated underwater vehicles and state-of-the-art sonars, which enable effective and safe detection and destruction of mines as well as the search for and elimination of other threats and underwater objects.

In the construction of the ORP Kormoran, the first new ship for the Polish Navy in almost 30 years, 538 subcontractors, including institutions and cooperating companies were involved. Almost 60 percent of materials and supplies for the ship came from Poland.

The second ship in the series, ORP Albatros, was launched in October 2019 and is currently in an advanced stage of outfitting. The third ship - ORP Mewa - was ready for launching in December 2020.