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17 february 2015

Samsø - the first LNG fuelled ferry operated on a domestic route within

On February 11, 2015, in the evening, a new ship was greeted by representatives of the local community in the port of Sælvig and its approaches, near Danish island Samsø. A day before, before noon, the ship departed from Polish yard Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A., member of REMONTOWA Holding, where the new ferry, named after the island itself, had been built.

Wider representation of its potential users had a chance to familiarize with the ship a few days later, during an "open day" on a ferry, proudly being shown off by the Owners - the Samsø municipality.

The DNV GL classed ferry is operated by Samsø Rederi, owned by Samsø Kommune. She will operate between main land (Jutland) Hou and island Samsø with service speed of 14 knots being able to carry 160 personal cars, or 16 lorries and 600 passengers.

The vessel has been built to minimize its environment impact for waters around Denmark. Main propulsion system using LNG fuel with pilot amount of diesel ensure the lowest harmful emission and high fuel efficiency. The main gas engines in normal operation are able to deliver power for all thrusters and give required electric auxiliary power for the hotel with maximum speed just below 16 knots. Use LNG as main fuel reflects the ideas of Samsø Kommune promoting the tourist attractiveness of the Samsø Island.


In order to ensure high voyage comfort for the passengers there are spacious passenger lounges, kiosk area and cafeteria arranged onboard. Interiors are designed in close cooperation with the Owner, according to high Danish standard, to ensure high comfort of travellers. For all passengers there are two main passenger lounges available arranged on Deck 4. From there it is possible to access external sun deck aft and forward, fitted with benches for sun bathing. The ferry is also designed with special emphasis on handicapped, the wheelchairs users and people with sight/hearing deficiencies. The vessel has separate helicopter pick up area ready to be used any time in case of emergency.

The companies operating in the Remontowa Holding group have contributed to the project. The detailed design and workshop drawings of the vessel are prepared by the Holding’s in-house design office Remontowa Marine Design, while complete ro-ro handling system is  supplied by Hydroster. The ferry is equipped with luminaires manufactured and installed by Polam-Rem and Famos has fitted all interior spaces with furniture. What is more, the “heart” of the ship’s propulsion LNG system with a special cryogenic tank and cold box, entirely designed in Poland is produced and delivered by Remontowa LNG Systems.