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04 september 2015

The MCMV ORP Kormoran launched

The Polish Navy new generation mine countermeasure vessel (MCMV) Kormoran (first of "Kormoran II" class), one of the most technologically advanced navy ships in Europe, was launched at Remontowa Shipbuilding on September 4, 2015. Numerous top level state officials participated in the ceremony.

- Sail the Oceans and the Seas, be the proof of reputation of the Polish shipbuilders and sailors. I hereby christen this ship: Kormoran - Maria Karweta, the minehunter’s godmother said, when she began the launch ceremony of the Polish Navy's new minehunter.

The ceremony was attended by top level state officials, Navy Command staff, honorary guests, veterans, subcontractors as well as numerous local authority representatives and management boards of the Remontowa Holding’s companies, not to mention hundreds of the shipyard’s workers, inhabitants and - last but not least - Military Orchestra of the Polish Navy.

During the official speeches it was emphasized that the new minehunter is created in line with a completely Polish design, in a Polish, private facility, financed by 100% of the Polish capital. Meanwhile, a series of investment initiatives was executed making it possible for the Remontowa Shipbuilding to construct minehunters, including the air-conditioned prefabrication hall which is required to work with the special purpose objects and with special materials. The new facilities may be highly useful during the process of realizing the prospective naval shipbuilding initiatives.

Remontowa Shipbuilding enjoys rich track record in the military production, since the company, in its history, has built over 400 military ships with majority delivered for the Polish Navy. 

- The contract is being executed in line with the schedule and without any interruptions - Andrzej Wojtkiewicz, CEO of Remontowa Shipbuilding points out.

Nearly PLN 140 billion are planned by Polish government to be spent on military forces and defence until 2022 with 16 billion destined for the Polish Navy.

So far the most advanced program execution is seen in the "Kormoran II" minehunter class. The first unit of this class is under construction at Remontowa Shipbuilding. The ship is expected to go into service in 2016.