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14 may 2015

Opening of a new hull assembly line at Remontowa Shipbuilding

14th of May 2015 saw the opening ceremony of a brand new second vessel production line fitted with a newly purchased rubber wheeled 300 t SWL gantry crane at Remontowa Shipbuilding, member of the Remontowa Holding capital group.

The new fully operational and completely equipped with all necessary infrastructure hull assembly line aligned with the existing one previously built will operate independently.

Thanks to this investment the shipyard will be capable of building more hulls simultaneously and constructing the longer (up to 130 m) and larger beam vessels than before, assembling their hulls and moving them onto a floating dock in order to launch them by its submerging...

Rolling heavy steel structures and ship sections in the opposite direction - from floating barges onto the new hull assembly berth will be also possible allowing to increase production capabilities of the shipyard.

The new vessel construction line is equipped with a giant rubber wheeled 300 t SWL gantry crane fitted with a hydraulic shock absorption system which stabilizes the crane even on unsmoothed ground. Thanks to materials and components used in its construction the crane can perform operations in temperatures ranging from -20°C + 40 °C. Being fitted with its own lighting system the crane is fully operational also in the night.

In the current production programme of Remontowa Shipbuilding there are 18 vessels of various types such as: offshore support vessels, car - passenger ferries, cargo carriers, a minehunter and a tall - ship.

The first ship sections to be assembled on the new berth are these of the car - passenger ferries under construction for Canadian operations.